After one year of using Huawei Mate 11 without google services

Sharing my experience with using Huawei Mate product line for one year without huawei services, a detailed student review. describe my experience with, noteshelf,concepts, infinte painter, Flexcil and Gbox



December 7, 2023

Table of contents

Here is an expanded version of your blog post with some additional details:

Why I bought it

I purchased the Huawei tablet because I enjoy creative activities like drawing, taking notes, and reading books. I wished to have an iPad or premium tablet with a good stylus to fully explore my creative potential. My brother found an excellent deal on this Huawei tablet for around 60% off retail price and gifted it to me. I’m very thankful to him!


  1. Excellent audio quality with quad speakers
  2. Gorgeous 10.95-inch LCD display
    • 2560x1600 resolution
    • 120Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals
  3. Fast charging capabilities
    • Large 7250 mAh battery
    • Supports 22.5W fast wired charging
  4. Comfortable lightweight design, easy to use for long periods
  5. Seamless integration with other Huawei devices like watches and earbuds
  6. Responsive stylus with good palm rejection


  1. Tablet gets hot with prolonged intensive use like drawing or taking notes. Quite annoying.
  2. Battery life is decent but not enough to last a full day with heavy usage
  3. Frequent ads in App Gallery and default music app are frustrating
    • Should not see ads just trying to open App Gallery
    • Default music app tries to push online streaming service with more ads
  4. Many apps spam notifications asking to reopen them. Very irritating.

Using Huawei Devices with Linux

  • File transfers require a cable, no wireless sharing
  • Must use third party apps like KDE Connect for notifications
  • Can’t develop custom themes or scripts due to lack of developer tools
  • Syncing to Linux with Syncthing is slow and buggy
  • Overall poor integration with Linux compared to Android/Windows

Issues with Google Services on Huawei

Stylus Apps

  • Infinite Painter drawing app has broken stylus support and no pressure sensitivity
  • NoteShelf note taking app can’t sync properly with cloud drives
  • Nebo note taking app has subpar palm rejection and no Arabic language support
  • Flexcil best ebook reader/annotator but lacks Google Drive integration

Gbox Solution

  • Provides access to YouTube, Maps and other Google apps
  • Available on App Gallery with native integration
  • Minimal battery drain
  • But lacks support for many Google services like Podcasts
  • Buggy syncing with Google Keep
  • Can’t leverage Google Drive within other apps

APK Pure

  • Apps sometimes fail to open, just black screen
  • Too many ads
  • Lacks reliability compared to Play Store

Overall, while the Huawei tablet offers excellent hardware, the software experience is hampered by lack of Google services. This leads to janky third party solutions and poor integration with Linux systems. I still enjoy using the tablet but hope someday Huawei can properly resolve these issues.