Video Editing

Notes on video editing software

Davinci Resolve

Use Playhead as A Cutting Tool

Youtube Tutorial: His playlist:–SNKiifuP8kEFh80wPu

CMD + B -> “Blade” CMD + SHIFT + [ or ] to cut to location

Talking Head Circle Thingy

Here is a circular camera filter with OBS, which might be easier than DVR.

You can crop like this


You can add pause recording as a hotkey in OBS

Other tools to look into

  1. Descript
  2. RunwayML
  3. capcut - from Rajeev
  4. Adobe Premiere
  5. Frame - Video collaboration that you use for Upwork etc
  6. Epidemic Sound - Sound by mood (Sanyam)
  7. Cayla - Artlist
  8. Cayla - Premium Beat

Cayla recommmends 1080p / 24 FPS for Youtube